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Project # Z566310000 / Federal # 0A31034

Seward Highway MP 105-109.5,
Windy Corner to Rainbow Point

This project has been underway since the early 2000s. A Notice of Availability for the Windy Corner: MP 105-107 Draft EA was issued in 2020. Review of public and agency comments on the Draft EA, including those taken during the July 2020 Open Forum Public Hearing, resulted in a revised project scope that extended the project corridor, which is now MP 105 to 109.5, and initiated a new public and agency scoping process for a new Environmental Document.

Task Date
1. New Environmental Document initiated Spring 2021
2. Public and Stakeholder Involvement Ongoing
3. Environmental Document and Preliminary Design 2020 - 2022
4. Right-of-Way Acquisition 2023 - 2024
5. Final Design 2023 - 2024
6. Construction 2024 - 2027


Current and Future Task/Project Milestone Description:

  1. The Draft EA completed in 2020 included robust public involvement as required by the NEPA process. DOT&PF has expanded the project scope in response to concerns raised during the public review of the Draft EA.

  2. Public involvement will continue, building off the foundation of previous outreach efforts. Public involvement activities will include regularly updating this website, meeting with stakeholder organizations and government agencies, and holding public meetings. The first of these meetings will be June 15, 2021. A public hearing will be held when the Windy Corner to Rainbow Point Environmental Document is complete.

  3. Preliminary engineering and selection of a preferred alignment for the Windy Corner portion of the project was presented in the 2020 Draft EA. Building off this work, the expanded project area between MP 107 and MP 109.5 will be incorporated into new project designs (i.e., project alternatives) for consideration, which will include updated environmental analysis for the expanded project corridor. Completion of the new Environmental Document is anticipated in late 2022.

  4. If right-of-way acquisition is needed, coordination with affected property owners would begin when the project design approaches 75% completion.

  5. After the new Environmental Document is completed, the project design will be finalized and bid documents will be prepared for construction.

  6. Construction is anticipated to be primarily seasonal and occur over three to four years, depending upon completion of environmental documents, permitting, and availability of funding.